How each star sign shows they’re into someone

No one likes the prospect of one-way flirting, right? So, save yourself any potential cringe or embarrassment by checking out the star sign of the person you’re into.

Each zodiac sign has certain tells or giveaways that they fancy someone. Read about their sign below to see how you can know whether they’re on it or not… and then crack on.



Easy peasy, this star sign has NO guile, deviousness or secrets. If they like you, it will be obvious.

It will be like a three-tonne Love Train is bearing down on you, lights flashing and horn (*ahem*) honking!

All you need to do is stand in front of them.



Taureans are a helluva’ picky bunch so, if you’re not getting the vibes, then don’t push it. You’ll be wasting your time.

If they like you, chances are they’ll approach with caution, with a joke or an ice breaker, a shy smile, an unconscious hand on your arm.

It’s very subtle, but you’ll know because you will feel their attention.



Gawd help you here, my friend.

Gemmys feel compelled to act in a way which is completely at odds to their true desires. So it’s a bit like being back in primary school with the kid who pulls your hair and flicks mud at you (but is secretly crushing on you). Big time.



Shy, sensitive and secretive… this is one you may catch stealing glances at you from afar or blushing when you speak to them.

Drawing the Cancerian crab out of their shell can take graft, though.

A nifty trick is to start talking a lot to someone else in their eye line. Watch them scuttle over – they can’t bear to let you get snaffled by someone else.



Leo gotta be centre of attention and when a love interest is around their usual showy-offiness will go from an everyday 8 to an eye-watering 11.

Expect somersaults, high octane daredevil antics, rosettes and medals on display, rib-cracking jokes, expensive new outfits… exhausting, but kind of cute too.

A bit like a nice Gaston!




My Virgo friend hates this, but I nickname her ‘Lassie’ because she has an innate urge to serve, do favors, find the answer, sort the problem, unravel the wire etc.

Virgos simply can’t help it. They just love helping.

So, put your object-of-affection to the test by sharing some issue you’re facing. If they resolve it for you, go off and fix things, dive in with excellent advice… well, you’re in.



Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and as such they are ranked ‘expert’ in the flirtation academy.

The chances are that you will know you’re desired because they’re good at this. A sure-thing sign is if they are telling others how amazing you are.

So if their crowd are telling you they’ve “heard all about you” then you’ve definitely sealed the deal.




A tricky character. Like Gemini, they can often act in an opposite way in order to disguise their true feelings.

What gives them away, though, is the staring. Sounds creepy? It’s not, it’s actually really intense.

It’s because they are trying to work you out, to fathom how you’ve had this effect on them. Keep the mystery levels up, it drives them wild.




This sign is dead when it comes to romance. If they fancy you then every cell in their physical body screams it, and their whole attitude, demeanor and body language give them away at every turn.

If they fall down the stairs/smash their phone/knock over an entire bookcase in your presence then it’s definitely true love!


Capricorn traits

Self-control and poise mark Capricorns out, so don’t expect huge displays of affection, sauce or banter.

Instead, you may feel as though some chivalrous knight from a former era has come into your life.

They will be super-polite and attentive towards you, and make you feel like you’re centre of their world (in which case you are).


Aquarius season and what it means for your star sign

Some people think Aquarians are a bit chilly because they operate and handle others on cerebral, logical and analytical terms.

Soooo, when they start acting a bit more emosh, a bit unsteady or flappy, a bit nervous or edgy… you’ve got them.

You have shaken their rational core and got that heart beating again, and they aren’t sure, TBH, how they feel about that. Dive in and reassure them.



Pisces is such a romantic sign and, therefore, the classic clues will be present and correct: dreamy expression, staring, blushing, hanging around, offering little compliments or treats, saying nice things… lap it up, my friend, because Pisces are great at making you feel good.


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