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3 Ways to maximize your Side Hustle

A record number of Americans are now working multiple jobs. Whether you’re fully invested in the gig economy or you have a part-time job in addition to your full-time one, one thing is certain: If you’re […]

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Talent Agency for Actors and Models

Anyone who is an actor or model looking for a talent agency, ETI would like to suggest a talent agency for you to send your resume and headshot. Continue to follow ETI as we teach […]

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Goals and Dream
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Why You Must Write Down Your Goals And Dreams

by Administrator in ETI - Article

“Do you know the really big reason it is critical to write down your goals on paper? It is highly recommended you do. Research has been conducted suggesting those who do reach their goals significantly [...]
King Kong
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15 Unknown Facts About King Kong

In 1933, the middle of The Great Depression, Americans were flocking to the cinema and spending what little money they had to see the bigger-than-life adventure picture, King Kong. As it turned out, very few [...]