ETI’s Advice on How to Become an Actor: Simple Tips for Becoming a Professional Actor


Acting is an admirable career goal that is suitable for only those with the sincerest talent and honed skill, and wondering how to become an actor will not get you far if you do not look into it. Actors work to portray certain characters in a variety of mediums, from film to stage, and every aspect of what they do is entirely centered around providing art for the world. If you want to be an actor, there are many things you can do to achieve this goal.

Acting as a business is correlated to the necessity for an agent because as a freelance actor, you have limited knowledge of upcoming roles. Actors must audition for their parts, which is much simpler with the help of an agent. There are a variety of roles that actors can be cast in, from extraneous parts to starring leads, but each aspect of the art form is equally imperative to the overall feature’s success. If you have been struggling with how to become an actor, here are some tips for making your way into the trade.

Get Involved As Soon As Possible

When you want to be a professional actor, you need to have a lot of experience to make the cut. There are many talented and capable people out there, and what makes you unique is your work ethic. If you are capable of applying yourself early on and taking part in several different shows and productions to obtain your goal, then you have a strong argument on your side for being cast. Getting involved in high school theater productions or local theater shows can be a great starting point for honing your talent and skill.

Improve Your Education

While acting is not as rigid a career choice as something business-oriented that does not mean it is completely unnecessary to get an education in the field. You can distinguish yourself from the masses with your understanding and application of traditional theatrical concepts, as well as increase your experience with more challenging productions in formal areas. With a college education in drama and acting, you can increase your knowledge of every aspect of theater, from set design to tech, which gives you the opportunity to be a more compassionate actor.

Practice & Build Up Your Resume.

As with any job, it is important to have a vast amount of experience and education in the field. From taking different outside courses in dance and singing to give your resume a well-rounded feel to starring in a variety of shows, there are many ways that you can hone your craft and build up your resume for agents and producers alike.

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Preparing your Monologues

Nothing is more crucial to your monologue than choosing the right one for your type and skill level. It is important to note that a monologue audition is your opportunity to showcase your talent—your time to shine. This is probably one of very few situations where the actor has a complete control of the situation.

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