Be inspired by TV Personality Ray J and how he is diversifying his financial portfolio

We try to inspire the readers of ETI to have more than one stream of income coming into your household especially when you are going after your dreams and goals. This story is important because singer and TV personality is determined to turn his fame into an empire and he’s already got a few things up his sleeve.

Ray J is using his music and reality TV show fame to take things to the next level.

During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, Ray J took a little time to promote Bunny Eyez, a pair of folding reading glasses. Created byJenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz, the glasses are made for pretty much any activity.

The clip quickly went viral as fans pointed out the television personality’s ability to sell pretty much anything.

But glasses aren’t the only thing Ray J has under his belt. He’s set his sights on turning his fame into an empire with Raycon Global, which features a number of electronics.

Here’s what else Ray J is selling.