Your man needs to read this as ETI list things EVERY man should own

In 2006, Beyonce released her highly anticipated CD, B’Day. One of the top songs on the CD was her song, Upgrade U, where she sings about elevating the status of her man. With that in mind ladies and gentleman, forward this post to your man so that he can have a checklist on how to upgrade his status in life.

Since day one, ETI has been all about introducing you to the latest and greatest products. And while we can confidently say we’ve wanted everything we’ve posted, we can’t say we’ve needed it all. “Need” is applied to those timeless items that weave through our lives on a daily basis, sometimes in the background, sometimes front and center. Here we present the basic 16. These are the 16 things every man should own.

1. A suit … that actually fits

2. Headphones

3. A decent watch

4. A chef’s knife that wasn’t part of a knife set

5. A knit tie that can be dressed up or down

6. Weights, kettlebells, a heavy bag, or some form of exercise equipment

7. A real piece of original art (May we suggest @aboriginalpeople)


8. A secret ingredient you use in dishes to impress guests and lady-friends

9. A passport

10. Power tools

11. A bottle of whiskey you only break out on special occasions with special people

12. A grey hoodie you can, and will, wear with everything

13. Proper beer glasses

14. A properly seasoned cast-iron skillet

15. A cash stash for EMERGENCIES

16. A bathrobe to wear when you have guests at your home


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