Things actors, singers and dancers should do after having an audition

Oprah and Prince

Continue to apply for roles after having a great audition it will keep your spirit up.

If you have a good audition with a casting director, it’s pretty easy to wait and sit back for their decision or callback. But, if you want to stop yourself from agonizing while they make that decision we suggest that you keep applying for more jobs and opportunities.

It may seem straightforward, but anyone who has a great audition knows that you feel so confident and relaxed that it is easy just to sit back and wait for  a call back. But, that is the last thing you would like to do, instead here are 3 things you should after a great audition.

  1. Remember that ever production company is different. There is no rule that a producer will respond to you in 24 hours or even a month. However, if you don’t hear anything back after a week or so, that typically means “no”.
  2. Move on as soon as you finish your audition. Keep planning for your next production or audition. Don’t get stuck in the moment.
  3. Continue applying for other casting calls, short films, and other productions while waiting for the response. It will protect you from feeling rejected if the production company later says no.

The next time you find yourself worrying over an audition, remember that you are better off looking for your next production than sitting by the phone.


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