What actors should do after every audition to become a better actor


One of the hardest parts of becoming an actor is the audition process. After you finished auditioning, try to evaluate yourself as a objectively as possible. Was there anything that you would have done differently? Was there anything that you were not happy with and you plan on changing at another audition? Did you do something that you will never do again during your audition? Everyone makes mistakes, but the most important thing to remember is learning from your mistakes instead of making them over and over again.

Here 5 things you should do after every audition to increase your chances of doing better and landing the role.

1. Evaluate your acting

Ask yourself what you can improve upon and then figure out the right way to improve that particular skill. For example, the scene may have required for you to cry. If you were unable to make a tear fall during the scene, then learn how to cry on command. If you felt like your acting was to artificial, maybe you may need help analyzing a script to understand the type of emotions the role requires.

2. Evaluate what you did outside out of your audition

How did you look? Did you wear the right outfit for the audition? Did you look like you were too tired from staying up the night before? Were you rude to the casting director? Think about the little things that you did outside of your audition that could have had an impact.

3. Bring a tape recorder

Bring a tape recorder with you to the audition, listen to your audition as well as any comments that the casting director may have made. By simply recording your audition while your phone is in your pocket you can hear it gives you another chance to listen to see if you followed the casting director’s directions or if he or she made a comment or remark that you missed, or forgot about.

4. Get feedback

Get a friend to listen to your audition and ask for feedback. Even if your friend is not an actor or involved in the entertainment industry, he or she can give you an opinion on what you did right and what you could improve. Even if it is after the audition, another person’s insight can help you with your next audition.

5. Move on

Nobody gets every part that they audition for every time. Despite tons of auditions you attend, you probably won’t get a large majority of them, but all it takes sometimes getting one good role. That one part could be your big break or a huge step toward giving you more confidence, experience, and money.

After you complete an audition, you can’t do anything more to change your performance, so get busy with finding out your next audition, taking classes to improve your acting skills, and otherwise movie on with your daily routine. When you finally get that one yes, that lets you know you aced an audition, you’ll quickly forget all the no’s you got along the way to becoming an actor.


Casting directors make mistakes. Although they try to choose the best actors for each role, sometimes they pick the wrong people and completely overlook actors who are more talented and more skilled for the role.


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