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While an actor focuses on their skills for booking auditions, they must also be willing and able to network with producers, agencies, and other actors. Much of getting your face out there as an actor is due to self-promotion. Unless you are Brad Pitt or an A-list actor you probably cannot afford a publicist.

However, until you are the next big thing to hit Hollywood, a little bit of self-publicity will help your chances at succeeding in the entertainment industry.

Here are 6 ways you can get your face out there:

Send a Postcard

Many actors don’t know about this, but it is completely appropriate to send a casting director a talent agent a post-card as a followup to an audition or meeting. Even if you didn’t book the audition with the director or get signed by the agent, send a follow up post-card with your headshot in the front and a unique design along with it. Also, include information about some upcoming productions you are working on to let them know that you are still working and an actor worth their attention. This will increase your chances of being remembered.


An Actor does not need to be famous to have their own website. With technology advancing rapidly, an actor should have their resume, headshots, and demo reel readily available online along with their biography and contact information. One great way is through My Project Casting. You will be surprised at how interested a casting director will be to see your work when they see that you have taken your acting career seriously.

Social Events (Mixers, Galas, etc.)

Many communities hold monthly mixers and seminars for actors to meet up and socialize. This will give you the chance to figure out what is currently happening in the entertainment industry and whether or not all of your tools are able to compete with your competition. Remember to be super friendly, because you never know who you are talking to.


Every year ABC and other major networks hold talent showcases allowing aspiring actors the chance to show off their acting skills to producers, casting directors, and network executives. But, you can also showcase your skills at local theater groups or networking companies. If you are shopping around for an agent, this is your chance to meet with one directly and show off your skills. Even if you are not approached by a talent agent, stay after and mingle with people afterwards and take the time to introduce yourself. You never know where the conversation may lead to and what connections you may gain.

Business Cards

A business card is similar to a postcard, your headshot will be on the front of your business card along with your agency, contact number, and agency contact information. Avoid making it too busy. Too much information may make the receiver overwhelmed and lose interest. Business cards are really useful if you run into someone on the street or at the store. This happens all the time in Los Angeles. It would also be a useful asset for mixers and other networking events as well.

Extra Work

Extra work is probably one of the best ways to get started in the entertainment industry. It allows you to connect with other aspiring actors, meet with production assistants, wardrobe designers, and other people that are currently working in the industry and not just talking about it. This is a great way to connect with people and make long-lasting connections.

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