Be inspired by how much each of the Royal Family is worth

The British royal family has power, prestige and tons and tons of money (pounds and pounds and pounds, you could say, since we’re dealing with British currency here). Contrary to popular belief, the Royals aren’t funded by taxpayers. They’re independently wealthy with inheritances, crowd estates, and allowances. Alone, the crown jewels have an estimated worth between £3 and £5 billion ($4 – $6.6 billion). Their combined wealth is thought to be around $88 billion.

So, how much are the British family members actually worth? Here are the richest and the poorest of the bunch. Spoiler: even the poorest royals are still wealthier than we could ever imagine.

Queen Elizabeth II ($550 Million)


The only people in Britain whose wealth rivals the Queen’s net worth are Victoria and David Beckham. Leave it to a Spice Girl and a football star, two of Britain’s finest exports. Most of the Queen’s monstrous worth comes from her properties. She’s got a $140 million castle in the Scottish Highlands and the $65 million Sandringham House. She’s also got a few unique collections. The Queen is the owner of every single wild swan in the U.K., and she’s got the largest stamp collection in the world.

On top of her over $10 billion real estate holdings and royal art collection, Queen Elizabeth II gets a $12.9 million government stipend for her role (which includes a small amount of taxpayer money).

Prince Philip ($20 Million)


There aren’t too many 97-year-olds who are still raking in nearly half a million a year, but Prince Philip, who celebrated the massive birthday recently, is one of the lucky few.

Prince Philip gets paid just for his title, which shockingly isn’t King. The Duke of Edinburgh never took the title of King because of strict regulations but he’s still getting a massive $442,000 a year for his royal title. Most of that is for the public duties he carries out in support of the Queen. We know the Queen is a total boss lady, but it doesn’t hurt to have faithful and loving husband by your side.

Prince Charles ($100 Million)


The Duke of Cornwall is the current heir to the throne, which is why he’s got a gargantuan net worth. No other royal besides his mum has him beat. Though Prince Charles may have an estimated $100 million in cash, his assets are thought to be much, much higher (like around $1.3 billion kind of higher) – but that’s not all.

Prince Charles has a huge real estate portfolio. Though he doesn’t own the properties, he’s entitled to receive income from the land because he’s the sole beneficiary of the properties. In 2017, he raked in $25 million from his real estate portfolio alone.

Prince William ($40 Million)

Prince William ($40 Million)

Prince William is second in line to the throne and as a result, has a pretty big net worth. Both he and his brother Prince Harry collected a huge chunk of their worththrough an inheritance they received on their 30th birthdays. It included £13m in trust and estate from their mother Princess Diana, who tragically passed away in a car accident years before.

William also pulled in $450,000 per year in investment profits by the time he was 21 and receives an allowance from his father that’s rumored to be around $4.6 million. Though Prince William was a helicopter pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance, he donates his $62,000 salary to charity. Who needs it when you’re that rich? His wealth is only expected to increase once his father takes the throne.

Prince Harry ($40 Million)

Prince Harry ($40 Million)

Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne. Yes, he’s beat out by his own children. In any event, he’s still as rich as his brother who is the current second heir. Prince Harry is so rich that he donated his estimated $45,000 salary from the Army Air Corps to charity.

Like his brother, Harry gained access to a £13m inheritance when he turned 30. He also received $450,000 a year in investments around age 21 and a rumored $4.6 million allowance from his father, the Duke of Cornwall and current heir to the throne.

Kate Middleton ($10 Million)

Kate Middleton ($10 Million)

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has a rags-to-riches story of sorts. She wasn’t always a royal, but after her wedding to Prince William in 2011, she sealed the deal. Despite being a commoner, Middleton’s family was very wealthy. They had a net worth of $50 million largely thanks to Party Pieces, a wildly successful online party supply business.

Middleton is also a notorious saver. She doesn’t really spend her family’s cash. Her wardrobe expenses are paid for by Prince Charles and most of her travel costs are funded by the countries she visits. If you’re looking at her national worth, it’s a whole lot more than $10 million because she drives UK clothing sales and tourism.

Meghan Markle ($5 Million)

Meghan Markle ($5 Million)

Meghan Markle used to do freelance calligraphy between acting auditions in order to make ends meet. Despite the fact that numerous members of her family have filed for bankruptcy over the years (including her own father), the actress was independently wealthy before she ever became a royal. It’s estimated that she earned around $50,000 per episode of Suits and was thought to have brought in around half a million a year from acting and sponsorships.

Markle has a net worth of around $5 million, which increased when she tied the knot to Prince Harry. She had to ditch her acting career, but she gained an inheritance and a similar allowance to the ones the royal brothers receive from the Duke of Cornwall. There’s still no word on whether or not she signed a prenup.

Prince George ($3.6 Billion)


Prince George may be just four years old, but he’s probably richer than you’ll ever be (unless you’re a billionaire, in which case, kudos). As third in line to the throne, he’s a pretty big deal even though he doesn’t realize it yet. Almost all of his money is in an inheritance, which he can’t touch until he’s a little bit older.

Prince George will never have to work a day in his life, unless you count royal duties (there will surely be more than a few cups of tea had, but they’ll likely be poured by someone else). His net worth was also calculated based on his value to the British economy. He’s got the potential to drive billions in sales to the UK.

Princess Charlotte ($5 Billion)

Princess Charlotte ($5 Billion)

Princess Charlotte is fourth in line for the throne, right behind her older brother Prince George. Yet, she’s estimated to be worth over $1.5 billion more than her older brother. Why? Charlotte is a fashion icon in the making. She has what’s known as the “Charlotte effect” (when everything she wears sells out within 24 hours). This was first tested with a pastel yellow cardigan from a popular British department store. Just 24 hours after pictures of the tot in her sweater surfaced, the store had sold out.

Charlotte’s net worth was also calculated through a mix of her inheritance and her value to the UK economy. If her outfit choices sell out like her mom’s do, she’s worth quite a bit more than Prince George. Sorry, but boys’ clothes just aren’t as interesting.

Prince Louis ($70 Million)


Prince Louis is only a couple of months old, but the royal baby added an estimated $70 million of worth to the British economy. How could this be? Well, the royal family is thought to generate $2.5 billion every year for the UK’s economy. The new baby’s worth comes from souvenir sales and memorabilia (he’s a pretty big deal as the fifth heir to the throne). If he’s anything like his sister Princess Charlotte, everything from his clothes to the toys he plays with will push retail sales.

Prince Louis will probably bring in less for the British economy than his sister (who’s estimated to pull in £100 million a year thanks to her sartorial savvy) and his brother Prince George, who pulls in an estimated £75 million a year. Just wait until he gets a little older.

Princess Diana ($55 Million)


Diana, the Princess of Wales, tragically passed away in August 1997 leaving behind her two young boys Prince Harry and Prince William. She was just 36 years old (the same age as Meghan Markle now).

At the time of her death, the Princess of Wales was very wealthy. She had an estimated $55 million net worth which was a combination of family money and marrying into the royal family (obviously, that’s pretty lucrative). Her independent wealth soared after divorcing from Charles, Prince of Wales, and reportedly received a $22.8 million lump sum along with an allowance for her private office.

After her death, her estate was split and put into to two separate trusts for her sons. They received this money when they were around 30 years old.

Camilla Parker-Bowles ($5 Million)


Camilla Parker-Bowles married into the royal family years after Diana’s passing. She wed Prince Charles in April 2005, but was always well off. Her father was the Vice Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, and she grew up on a $2 million estate in Sussex. She regularly socialized with the royals in her youth and met her future hubby in 1972. He later went on to marry Princess Diana, but the pair reconnected after Di’s tragic passing.

Parker-Bowles was a receptionist before becoming the Duchess of Cornwall. She’s estimated to have amassed a $5 million fortune – but that’s just including cash and none of The Duke of Cornwall’s real estate holdings. He’s’ got around $1.3 billion in assets and she did not sign a prenup.

Sarah Ferguson ($1 Million)

Sarah Ferguson ($1 Million)

Sarah Ferguson, the former Dutchess of York, only has a $1 million net worth, but that doesn’t mean she’s struggling. She currently lives in a £13 million home in an upper-crust skiing village (she can thank the Duke of York for their massive chalet, which she got in the divorce).

Fergie is one of the few scorned royals who originally wasn’t even invited to Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding (she was outright banned from William and Kate’s). Selling secrets to the press will do that. Aside from being a royal gossip, Fergie has held numerous jobs since her divorce including decades-long endorsements with Weight Watchers and Avon. She’s currently a public speaker, TV personality, and film producer.

Prince Andrew ($82 Million)

Prince Andrew ($82 Million)

Prince Andrew is quite familiar with two things: money and scandal. The Duke of York’s marriage to Sarah Ferguson was thought to have ended over a toe-sucking scandal. Yes, it was as bizarre as it sounds. Fergie was famously photographed having her toes sucked by her financial advisor in a posh garden in the South of France. Andrew ended the marriage that same year.

Despite the drama, Prince Andrew is still massively rich thanks to hard work (who would have thought?). He’s listed as a patron, president, and colonel of over 130 organizations, charities and military regiments. He’s also got some great stock market investments and property holdings along with owning the football team London Angels, a vodka brand, and a perfume.

Princess Beatrice ($5 million)


Princess Beatrice is known for her wild hats and for being eighth in line to the throne She’s the eldest daughter of the Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson (i.e. she calls the Queen ‘Nan’). So where does that $5 million come from? A royal trust that was established for Beatrice and her sister by the Queen Mother. An additional trust was set up by her parents after their 1996 divorce.

Princess Beatrice reportedly pulls in $5 million annually and is the first member of the Royal Family to appear in a movie (though we’ve definitely seen the Queen a couple of times). She also knows hard work and volunteered as a sales assistant at Selfridges during the summer of 2008 (she wanted the fashion experience and is supported mainly by her father’s private income).

Princess Eugenie ($5 Million)


Much like her younger sister, Princess Eugenie has around a $5 million net worth — largely from a trust fund set up by the Queen Mother and an additional trust fund set up by her parents after their divorce. She’s ninth in line to the British throne, but that doesn’t mean she’s never worked.

Princess Eugenie is the associate director of Hauer & Wirth, a London-based art gallery. She happens to live right next door to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Kensington Palace. Her three bedroom cottage, which she shares with fiancé Jack Brooksbanks, is known as Ivy Cottage.

Prince Edward ($45 Million)


As the Earl of Wessex and 10th in line for the throne, Prince Edward is sitting on a whole lot of cash. The royal is thought to be worth a whopping $45 million. He’s the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Edward tried his hand at two careers. First, he was an officer cadet in the Royal Marines but left just a couple months into his year-long training. He then decided to pursue the world of theater, his true passion. He worked as a production assistant in Really Useful Theatre Company and has some TV production credits. Today, Prince Edward attends to his royal duties as the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

Sophie Helen ($45 Million)


Sophie Helen, the Countess of Wessex, has amassed a similar net worth to her husband Prince Edward. Unlike most royals, Sophie knows a hard day’s work. Before marrying into the royal family she was a publicist. Today, she’s quit her day job and moved her efforts towards charity.

Sophie is a patron of numerous organizations with her $45 million of wealth. She works with the SAFC Foundation (Sunderland A.F.C.’s charity), Girlguiding UK, and Tomorrow’s People Trust. She also spends her days assisting the Queen with foreign royal events. As a former publicist, she has a knack for organizing the Queen’s affairs.

Princess Anne ($100 Million)


At one point, Princess Anne was second in line the throne after her mother’s accession but currently rests around 12th. She still does quite a bit better than her brothers Prince Edward and Prince Andrew and has an estimated worth of $100 million.

Princess Anne isn’t famous for her massive wealth but rather for her charitable work. She’s a patron to over 200 organizations – because if you’ve got over $100 million, why not spread it around? She also remains one of the only British royal family members to have competed in the Olympic Games and held the title of Princess Royal. She won a gold medal and two silver medals for her equestrian skills at the European Eventing Championships.

Zara Phillips ($20 million)


Zara Phillips may be 17th in line to the throne, but the Queen’s granddaughter has an impressive wealth (even by royal standards). Phillips has a business empire. Her lucrative sponsorship deal with clothing company Musto is thought to be worth $1.55 million. She’s earned over $100,000 as the face of Howrse, an online game for equestrians, and has deals with Rolex and Land Rover.

On top of that, Phillips has launched her own range of upmarket jewelry and a line of perfumes. She’s also got numerous real estate holdings bolstering her already large net worth. She makes a whole lot more than most royals because her business endeavors would not be allowed were she an actual princess.

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