Signs You’ve Truly Moved On From Your Last Relationship

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You stopped looking for love because looking is meant for things that are missing. Love isn’t missing in your life; in fact, you have it in abundance.

You realize that life is meant to be lived, not to be spent looking for ‘love.’ Then again, life is too short to be searching for something or someone who isn’t willing to be found. Life should be lived and spent with people who are willing to create memories with you.

You stopped searching for the ‘right one,’ because you are aware that you can always make the person ‘right’ should they choose to receive the right kind of love you are willing to give.

You now understand that love was never missing, some people simply fail to recognize it. In reality, love can simply be that genuine smile or that company of a friend or that message you received to cheer you up. Love is conveyed in various forms, but most times we fail to recognize it as we are busy searching for something else. We usually end up being greedy, having expectations but not willingly exerting an equal amount of effort.

You are now open to the possibility of love in a way that you now welcome thoughts of being with someone. The picture of you holding hands with a significant partner is now a dream you want to work on. You understand that it wasn’t your fault things didn’t work out in the past, nor is the other person’s fault. Love isn’t the one to blame; it’s just that things aren’t meant to be.

You easily let go of people who can’t appreciate you, and you are okay not talking to them or not having them around anymore. They imply less to no-impact in your everyday life, and your happiness does not depend on them. You trained yourself to let go of things that no longer matter, in order to create a significant space for things that matter.

You are happy with the way things are. You have no expectations but are hopeful and patient. You know that you can’t force something just because you want it to happen and that you are now allowing time to take control. You understand clearly that things that last, take time.

You accept yourself and that’s beautiful. Not everyone will accept you, but you should, first of all, appreciate your whole being. You are not perfect, and of course, someone else will be better than you. Then again, you are special in every possible way – because you are YOU and no one can define you, except YOU.

You are capable of genuinely loving someone because you love yourself from day one. They say you can never offer something you don’t have, and love is something you already have sprouting and flourishing in full bloom deep down your heart. You’ve cultivated love from your pain, and you are now genuinely offering it to someone who may sincerely accept it.

You were once hurt, but you are willingly giving them another chance; since you understand now that people are of different kinds. One person may have hurt you in the past, but the rest are different.


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