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Sneakers are often the entry-point to fashion for many men. And while the passion with which users and fans document their love of trainers on Instagram can sometimes border on fetishism (whatever floats your boat), there truly is an account out there for everyone.

The app is chocka with collectors plugged in to the latest drops, archivers with an inside-track on the rumour mill, hoarders with inexplicable hook-ups for the rarest sneakers, plus dedicated stores, fan pages, and more. Here’s just some of the best to flex your thumbs at.


The Korean sneakerhead known as GC911 enjoys two things: incredibly sought-after trainers and taking pictures of incredibly sought-after trainers. And he snaps loads – over 15,000 pictures so far. It’s a visual onslaught that won’t be for everyone, but as a buffet of vivid, detail-fixated sneaker photography, there are few better.

Follow: @gc911
Best For: Microscopic photography of new releases.

GC911 Instagram

Gary Warnett

The daddy of British trainer journalism, what Gary Warnett doesn’t know about simply is not worth knowing. He has a curiosity for the stranger side of sneaker culture, digging out hilariously dated adverts and releases to sit besides his impeccably curated choices of modern footwear. His taste leans towards New Balance and remains, like his writing, always accessible.

Follow: @gwarizm
Best For: An intimate look at classic sneakerhead culture.

Gary Warnett Instagram

John Geiger

Referred to as the “sneaker customisation don”, you can rely on Geiger for stuff you won’t see anywhere else. A sneaker scientist with a strong personal style and the world at his feet (yep). The six foot four Pittsburgh-native has gone from cult figure to legitimate designer with his debut shoe – the ‘001’, a ribbed-sharktooth sole sneaker with two-tone perforated black leather – dropping this winter.

Follow: @johngeiger_
Best For: Frankenstein trainers.

John Geiger Instagram

Robert Stewart

Robert Stewart is best known for being the man behind ruined-trainer-savers SneakersER, but his personal Instagram is a veritable trove of great shoes. Another with a penchant for well-constructed lifestyle trainers, Stewart’s feed is a mix of his own collection and the inspiring before-and-afters of grubby trainers given a new lease of life.

Follow: @glasgowrob
Best For: Encouragement to dig out those battered favourites.

Robert Stewart Instagram

Victor Kan

Part of Ronnie Fieg’s Kith design family, truly the top boys in east coast sneaker culture, Kan’s taste is clinical and high fashion, operating at the apex of athleisure with a confidence few can top. His personal style is street-ready and his tone of voice is clipped – rarely you’ll get a caption with more detail than “g-dug” or “his and hers.” Plus, his jet-setting lifestyle has us wondering where our lives went wrong.

Follow: @victorkan
Best For: Seeing how athleisure should be done.

Victor Kan Instagram

Luke Matthews

He’s been called sportswear retailer Size?’s secret weapon and Matthew’s acumen as a tastemaker is pretty hard to front on. The 24-year-old social manager’s Instagram feed is composed and unabashedly London, embracing the desaturated concrete of his hometown and a trainer collection that tops 120 pairs. His picks range from standout runners in a blaring colourways to subtler fare like his white leather ‘swoosh-less’ Nikes.

Follow: @lukematthews_
Best For: Combining crisp street photography and a scoop on drops.

Luke Matthews Instagram

Dennis Todisco

Todisco carved out his career forging relationships on forums, barging his way up the ranks of cult streetwear retailer Karmaloop and into the heart of Nike’s marketing team. His Instagram is another masterclass, full of impeccably chosen, precisely shot still lifes of high-end streetwear and choice kicks spawning the immensely popular #outfitgrid hashtag on the app.

Follow: @dennistodisco
Best For: Inspiring you to think about your grids.

Dennis Todisco Instagram

The Drop Date

To call The Drop Date one of the most indispensable tools at a trainer fan’s disposal is not hyperbole, merely a testament to the website’s innate ability to filter out the bullshit – or ‘organise the chaos’ as its tagline suggests. The site’s Instagram posts are sharp and to-the-point, mixing first-look product drops with an increasing array of in-house shots and an insatiable audience who populate the comments with further questions and knee-jerk opinions.

Follow: @thedropdate
Best For: The what, the where, and the when so you never missing a drop again.

The Drop Date Instagram

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