Miami Beach’s gayest hotel goes digital for everyone quarantined

It’s a rough time for hotels right now, when everyone is on lock down, quarantined or practicing social distancing at home. There’s no doubt about that.

The COVID-19 pandemic has closed down many resorts and travel remains off limits in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Hotels are especially hard hit and are having to get a little more creative in order to reach their clientele.

They may not be expecting any new arrivals anytime soon but one hotel in Miami Beach is trying an innovative approach to connect with their guests, both past and future, and to entertain the local community as well.

A Friendly Gay Hotel

Hotel Gaythering, which calls itself “The gayest hotel in Miami Beach” welcomes everyone with its playful decor and packed entertainment schedule. Rather than advertising themselves as “gay friendly” the hotel which has a male only sauna on-site says it’s friendly and gay, but also welcomes allies too.

Rooms here range from three different categories of king size, all with wireless internet, sleep machines, flat screen TVs, and red accents. Their cheekiest room is the aptly named “Fun King” which has a ceiling mirror and a swing!

However, now that visitors are staying away, the party doesn’t have to end, it just has to go digital. Hotel Gaythering has transformed all their programming, including drag queen karaoke, bingo and trivia nights into online events and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

For instance, just last night their virtual trivia event attracted over 600 attendees! Those who joined in with the fun commented that not only did the event prove to be a great way to socialize during social distancing measures but that it also helped to strengthen community ties.

“The Gathering has been the foundation of the LGBT community in Miami Beach and in the coronavirus outbreak they have taken the weekly event digital to re-connect us with our friends and community. The trivia provides light fun but also a sense of connectedness that we are in this together,” community member Aaron Bos Lun said.

The live sing-alongs are hosted by a fabulous drag queen from her apartment, as well as the use of trivia and bingo apps so that friends can get together virtually and play together. It may not be at the actual bar, but happy hour is still very much on, people!

One of the hardest things about social distancing is that many of us end up totally isolated. Party-goer Dino Mosquera noted that the event was almost as good as getting together IRL for combating loneliness.

“It couldn’t have been more fun. It reminded us of the importance of staying connected, especially in our community where many of us live far from our biological families.”

Being on lock down is frustrating and anxiety-inducing but it doesn’t have to automatically translate into boring evenings spent home alone.

Take some inspiration from Hotel Gaythering and find your own community, join online events or create your own and we’ll all get through this together. One happy hour at a time!


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