Khloe Kardashian’s Diet Secrets For Eating ‘Good Carbs’ To Lose Weight

We need carbs to live but you have probably heard that a low-carb diet is a fast and easy way to lose weight. Here’s how to pick the BEST carbs for weight loss.

Khloe Kardashian, 34, is on a low carb diet, and she broke it down on her website: “Who doesn’t love carbs? Bread, pastries, cake — I mean, come on! But, anyone who’s been on a diet will tell you that carbs are the first thing to cut. I’m currently on a low-carb diet, which means I eat some carbs, but it’s important which ones I consume. My nutritionist, Dr. Goglia, is explaining which carbs are actually good for you and how to incorporate them into a healthy diet. Keep reading!”

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Dr. Goglia says, “Carbohydrates fall initially into two primary categories: multi-ingredient (complex) or single-ingredient (simple) carbohydrates. Multi-ingredient carbohydrates (bread, muffins, bagels, etc.) are all yeast, mold and gluten-bound, which means they’re inflammatory foods that can reduce metabolic efficiency and stimulate food sensitivities, like digestive gas and bloat. Even many of the “whole wheat grain” breads are colored to look darker or healthier and the fiber used in them are insoluble fibers, which are hard for your body to absorb. On the other hand, single-ingredient starches like potatoes, rice, yams, sweet potatoes and oatmeal should be consumed daily. These are your energy-source friends, many of which have anti-inflammatory benefits, as well!”

“‘No carb’ diets aren’t sustainable and are specifically designed to address medical issues,” Dr. Goglia adds. “They should not be used unless medically supervised. Instead of going ‘no carb,’ try a ‘low carb’ diet, which means the diet has a higher percentage of fat and protein compared to carbohydrates. The general rule for these diets is 25 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent fat and 50 percent protein. This tends to be the most effective diet, with 70 percent of dieters having positive, long-lasting results.


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