Katt Williams talks coronavirus, BLM, and slams Trump in new ad: ‘President’s a clown’

In a quick standup set for a new ad, Katt Williams took on hot-button issues facing Americans in 2020, including our “clown” President Donald Trump

Sporting rainbow braids and standing against a black background, the comedian brought his signature comedic style to topics like COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, voting, and more in a nearly seven-minute video ad from Supreme.


“Right now, we have a perfectly suitable clown running the free world. We got a guy whose advice included things that no decent crackhead would tell you to do with a gunshot wound,” Williams joked. “The man said if you have bleach, rub it on yourself. Sprinkle some in your eye. You see any UV lighting, walk in front of it. These are serious times. The president is a clown. Who’s gonna say something that makes sense?”

Despite there being no audience, Williams was as animated as ever. At one point, he related the topic of coronavirus and wearing a mask to the killing of George Floyd.

“Because we can all agree that breathing is important, we can all agree that you putting your knee on a man’s neck for eight minutes is just murder. Just televised murder,” Williams said.

The comic also pleaded with fans to vote out Trump in November, even if “your choices were as dumb as Hickory, Dickory, and Dock.”

“If you can’t make a choice, go and put my name on there,” he added. “It ain’t gonna count for nothing, considering current legal situations I may or may not find myself in, but I appreciate your vote.”

Watch the entire set above.

This weekend, Taylor Swift also publicly lambasted Trump for what she called his “calculated dismantling of USPS,” telling her fans to vote early if they want change.

“Donald Trump’s ineffective leadership gravely worsened the crisis that we are in and he is now taking advantage of it to subvert and destroy our right to vote and vote safely. Request a ballot early. Vote early,” the singer tweeted on Saturday.

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