Why You Must Write Down Your Goals And Dreams

Goals and Dream

“Do you know the really big reason it is critical to write down your goals on paper? It is highly recommended you do. Research has been conducted suggesting those who do reach their goals significantly more and quicker than those who don’t.

Do you know why? Do you understand what writing them down actually does. Writing it down makes the implicit explicit. It fleshes out your idea. It is the first step in making your idea a concrete reality. It takes it from within and puts it without. It is a necessary and critical step to getting your goals and making dreams come true.

Napoleon Hill, and others, asserted it is important to write down your Definite Chief Purpose, your goals and dreams? They don’t mix words. Hill said you must. You must write it down and commit what you write down to memory. Repeat it numerous times during the day with great positive emotion. Continue until you have it.

What You See Is What You Get

Here is why. Your. major purpose in life, or your goals, begin on the inside of you. Within you. They begin in your imagination. In your mind you see a glimmer of what is possible and what you want. You birth an idea. It is alive in your mind. It may be vague or it could be pretty specific but It exists, there, in the reality between your ears.

When you put it down on paper it is the FIRST time it exists outside of you. It the first time it exists in the outer world reality. You have moved it from within to without. You have created it in the real world. When you write it down you make it concrete. What you write down is the first result of your idea.

It is no. longer abstract. It is right there on the paper. You gave it form and substance. It is not just an idea any longer. This is an important part of the creation process. It is the beginning of making the idea real in the outer world of results. From idea to paper. From paper to plan. From plan to action. From action to completion.

What You Say Is What You Get

Write it out! Specify further, get really detailed. Form a stronger, deliberate visualization. Add all the detail you can. Make it more and more vivid. Writing helps you do this! The more real it becomes the more you increase your relationship to it. Your feelings become active. You feel a strong connection to your goal.

For example. Imagine getting your new dream home. Write down the kind of house it is. The size. It’s location. How many floors, rooms? How many windows? Notice the exterior. How is it landscaped? What kind of front door is there? What is the walk up like?

Notice everything outside and around the house. Explore outside and inside. Notice the color schemes, the decorations and the furniture. Walk through the home. Sit in each room. Feel what it is like to live there. Flesh it out. Experience the house. Really feel. Feel it as if you actually already had this home.


Keep Your Mind On What You Want

Create the thoughts and the feelings of having what you want. The more real it is to you the more intense your feelings become. Combine your visualization with strong, intensely, passionate feelings. Images and strong feelings send the message to your subconscious mind to get to work on creating this for you.

Your subconscious begins to connect up the resources within you. Inner abilities align in order to help you make what you want a reality. You become alert to real world opportunities. Continue to write, and make it more vivid. Continue to accentuate these processes.

The hotter and more passionate you become about making it happen the sooner you can end up getting it. Keep a journal and write about it. Spend a couple minutes each day making a journal entry. What it is like to live in the home? Create future memories.

Write Down Your Goals And Imagine Achieving Every One

‘Today we bar-b-qued out back by the pool. Everyone had a marvelous times. Timmy and Ashley played on the swings. The food so tasty! Delicious. I am so happy and grateful we have this incredible backyard to entertain friends and family…’.

Create scenarios you want to have. Live your dreams in your journal. Write and visualize everyday. Keep in mind what you say is important too. If you always say what you have you will always have what you say.

If you say you are broke you will never have money. If you say you are well off you will be. Everything begins inside your mind.Keep your mind on what you want and off of what you do not want. That is how you direct yourself for success. Keep your eye on what you want.

It’s A Dream Until You Write It Down Then It Becomes A Goal

Conceive it and believe you can make it happen. When you want it intensely enough you will begin to get ideas, and insights from within you. You’ll get. hunches, intuitions, and plans for what you can do. Follow these as they arrive.

Put your subconscious to work for you instead of you working for it. You don’t have to know how to begin. How will come along in time. Your mind will begin to connect the dots, alert you to possibilities and opportunities and reveal tips, plans and suggestions to you.

That is HOW it works. It has been proven time and time again. THIS is WHY you write it down. You initiate and maintain a process that sees you through from conception to completion. You create, elaborate, accentuate, and eventually you make it happen.

Conceive It, Believe It And Achieve It

It is intentional. It is deliberate and focused. Do your part and you will realize the accuracy of these statements. It seems like magic but it isn’t. It works like magic but it is proven. You follow the formula and you get the outcome.

Follow a recipe to get what you intend to. If you change the recipe and leave out ingredients or alter the order you put them in you may not get what you want. If you want a chocolate cake and you put in milk and eggs but no chocolate, guess what? No chocolate cake!

If you cook the eggs first, then add them to the milk, chocolate and flower you won’t get a cake either. They have to be the correct ingredients, in the right amounts, mixed in and baked in the right order to get the cake you desire.

Follow the recipe explicitly and the cake will be yours. Follow this formula explicitly and. you will make your dreams come true.”


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