ETI’s Advice on What your Acting Resume Should Look Like

Brad Pitt

Here are some resume basics to help you stand out in your next audition.

Have you ever wondered how to format your acting resume? Do you want to learn what your resume should look like as an actor? Well have no fear, here are some tips from the SAG-AFTRA, the official union for actors like Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and Brad Pitt on how to format your acting resume.

The image below shows what your resume should look like. But basically, your resume is your first chance to tell the casting director, director, producer, and production assistant that you are worth their attention. It may be the headshot that draws the producer’s attention, but it’s your resume that showcases your abilities, achievements, and illustrates your level of professionalism, dedication, and experience.


How can I make my acting resume stand out?

Typically, a casting director will spend only a few seconds looking at your resume. Therefore, it is important to highlight upon your major accomplishments.

What should I do, If I don’t have acting experience?

But, what do you do if you don’t have a lot of experience? Well, according to Melissa McQueen of the Kim Dawson Agency, “being referred by a casting director, respected acting instructor or producer who has hired the talent is a good way to present yourself in the best light.”

Should your acting resume have special fonts and colors?

Are you deciding to spend a lot of time with a fancy layout? Well Don’t. Casting director Don Shaner says, simple, easy to read, clean, straight information is best. Leave the fancy texts and colors alone.

Should you put extra work on your acting resume? Yes, unless you live in Los Angeles

According to Paul Weber from the Casting Society of America (CSA) he argues that you “Don’t list extra work on your resume unless you are a regional actor in a regional market. Producers shooting in your state like to know that you have worked on a set. But, when you move to Los Angeles, drop all of your extra credits. They won’t help you here.”

Check out the image below to give you an idea on what your acting resume should look like.

Acting Resume

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