ETI has 22 most common side hustles and how much they pay

Even though unemployment is just 3.9 percent, wages have not grown significantly over the past several years, making it hard to get ahead.

As a result, more Americans are side hustling than ever before. In fact, over 44 million Americans work more than one job. These hustlers work multiple jobs to make ends meet, to pay off debt and to earn spending money. In doing so, according to CreditLoan, 26.7 percent sacrifice exercising, 38.7 percent get less sleep and 41.9 percent sacrifice time with their loved ones.

But some side hustles may not be worth it. CreditLoan surveyed 996 Americans and found that of the 22 most common side hustles, 15 paid an average of $100 a month or more, and others paid much less.

Here is how much some of the most common side hustles can earn you:

According to CreditLoan, the most lucrative side hustle is selling and renting property. Respondents who sold or rented property earned an average of $500 a month. The second highest paying side hustle is ride-sharing. The survey found that ride-sharing earned drivers for services like Lyft and Uber an average of $15 an hour.

Ride-sharing and renting property, however, each include significant overhead. If you don’t have a house to rent or a car to drive, the next most lucrative options are fitness training and consulting. People with these hustles reported earning $200 a month, on average.

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