Casting Call to appear in the new ‘House of The Dragon’, Game of Thrones Prequel

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According to reports, the HBO Game of Thrones prequel series House of Dragon started casting in July 2020. Now, reports surfaced casting directors are now casting a leading Targaryen role.

 The Illuminerdi reports that House of the Dragon is casting for Daemon Targaryen, “the rogue prince,” also known as “Lord Flea Bottom.” Daemon was the brave brother of King Viserys I, the king whose descendants would fight over control of the Iron Throne in the civil war known in Westerosi history as “The Dance with Dragons.” Daemon’s connection with his brother is the point of George R.R. Martin’s book, The Rogue Prince. Here’s the character information uncovered in the story:

  • “PRINCE DAEMON TARGARYEN (Male, 40-50) – The younger brother to King Viserys, Daemon wasn’t born with “naked ambition” for the throne despite being in line for it. He’s less methodical and more impetuous. Not to mention easily bored…stumbling from one distraction to the next with the subconscious yet singular obsession with earning the love and acceptance of his brother the king. Most of Daemon’s joy is found at sword-point. But even as the most experienced warrior of his time, he vacillates between vile and heroic, making him the true rogue of the series.
    • SERIES LEAD. OPTIONS ESSENTIAL *This role is currently scheduled to film between January – December 2021*”

Here’s the background on the character . Daemon is considered the most dangerous man in Westeros and is known for conquering the region as the Stepstones and declaring himself a king. He later returned to King’s Landing, turned over his crown to his brother, and worked under Viserys by remaking the capital’s city.

HBO ordered House of the Dragon to series for 10 episodes in October 2019. George R.R. Martin, Vince Gerardis, Ryan Condal, and Miguel Sapochnik are executive producers, with Condal and Sapochnik also serving as showrunners. The series will film in 2021 for release in 2022.

(Update: July 21, 2020): HBO is quickly moving forward on its ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel. The network has started casting for the highly anticipated series, according to reports.

The project is based on George R.R. Martin’s ‘Fire & Blood’, which centers around the history of House Targaryen 300 years before the ‘Game of Thrones’. Ryan Condal from ‘Colon’y is the show runner behind the show and will work alongside Miguel Sapochnik, who directed some of the biggest episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’. Sapochnik will also direct the pilot and several additional episodes.

No official casting breakdowns are publicly available. However, many are speculating the potential leads in the upcoming book. ‘Fire & Blood’ centers around 150 years and includes the rise of the Westeros. Sources tell EW the popular ‘Dance of Dragons’, from the Targaryen Civil War will be featured at some point in the show.

‘House of Dragon’ replaces HBO’s previously announced prequel series which starred Naomi Watts. The pilot was filmed and then canceled in 2019. ‘House of Dragon’ is planned fo 2022.

(Original Post: January 28, 2020) ‘House of Dragon‘, the upcoming HBO ‘Game of Thrones‘ prequel, is now casting speaking roles.

HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘ ended in 2019, but the franchise is is moving on with a prequel spinoff, ‘House of Dragon‘. The show is now in production and a casting call for the series leads has been released.

Knight Edge Media released the casting call info. Casting directors are now casting the following speaking roles:

  1. Aegon Targaryen 20s, Caucasian Male. Married his two sisters VISENYA and RHAENYS. Withdrawn, quiet, pious. Harsh with those who defy him. Riding the dragon Balerion. LEAD
  2. Visenya Targaryen 20s, Caucasian Female. Older sister and wife of King AEGON TARGARYEN. A voluptuous, stern, serious, and unforgiving woman. Riding the dragon Vhagar. LEAD
  3. Rhaenys Targaryen 20s, Caucasian Female. The youngest sister of King AEGON TARGARYEN. Kindhearted, graceful, playful, curious, impulsive, and given to flights of fancy, with a mischievous aspect to her personality. Riding the dragon Meraxes. LEAD

House of the Dragon takes place 300 years before Robert’s Rebellion and as the casting call hints, it follows the story of the Targaryen kids, Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys. The show will center on their rise to dominance.

House of the Dragon is created by George R.R. Martin and Ryan Condal, with a pilot from Miguel Sapochnik. The new prequel will air on HBO with a 10-episode season and is believed to arrive in 2022.

Stay tuned for casting calls, auditions, and news for the new “House of Dragon” series.

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