You want to learn how to get in entertainment like your favorite actors Will Smith or Halle Berry? Its a dream that most people have had at one point in their life!

You can get inspiration every where including TV, movies and music and think that you can also be an actor, singer, dancer or model! But its not as easy as you think.

It takes dedication and hours of hard work and studying. But it can also be fulfilling and a great industry to work in!

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Entertainment isn’t for everyone if you don’t have the motivation and the fearlessness to fail and be able to accept being told no! You have to be consistent in your craft and be willing to work long hours.

ETI isn’t going to pretend that we have the ability to make anyone famous or an overnight success. If you look at how many people are in acting school and how many people are actually acting, this is proof that not everyone can do it. You come to ETI because you want to make your life better in the field of entertainment and you know that we are able to keep you focused and motivated no matter if you live on the east coast, west coast or overseas.

There is an old saying, it takes money to make money and unfortunately a career in entertainment, it takes a LOT OF MONEY! You have to dress the part, attend functions where you can make contacts, you have to eat the right foods, exercise to stay in shape and most importantly, you have to educate yourself and stay current and on top of the latest trends!

So, if you’re looking for steps on how to get into the world of entertainment, you’ve come to the right place.

Entertainment Industry Experience

This industry is characterized by competitiveness and even saturation. Younger generations are attracted by fame and fortune, and their enthusiasm and passion is powerful motivation. Any chance to work in media or entertainment that presents itself should be grasped with both hands. Whether you are pursuing a career as an actor or a make-up artist, if you don’t seize an opportunity, someone else will.

College internships provide exposure to the field of film and television. These experiences often require the intern to do much of the grunt work in return for valuable insight, knowledge, and skills that a job candidate would not otherwise be able to tap. An internship also provides the opportunity to network and nurture professional contacts crucial in the field of entertainment. Working for your college newspaper, radio, television station, or in college theater productions can provide candidates with experience that can help them to get hired.

All of these activities will enhance a resume.

Challenges of a Career in the Entertainment Industry

Criticism and rejection are a component of a career in this field, and those who wish to enter the entertainment industry should have the ability to take criticism in their stride and to thrive under pressure. Landing a job in this field is a huge accomplishment, but the majority of jobs in the entertainment field are temporary. Success in the field requires accepting the highs with the lows and constant change with the likelihood of minimal stability as far as employment and location are concerned.

In the entertainment and media industry, you will have to work your way up, perhaps starting as an assistant. Another problem is that most jobs will expect you to begin immediately. If you are a college senior, you may find that you graduate and have to wait a long time to bring in any income because you cannot interview until April or May.

Careers in Television, Film, and Broadcasting

Some examples of career roles in the entertainment industry are news reporter, news writer, screenwriter, public relations and promotions director, costume designer, production assistant, make-up artist, set designer, animator, actor, crew member, special effects creator and editor, editor, critic, director, composer, and photographer/camera operator. In addition, a range of sports-related careers is​ included in this category such as sports agent, sports marketing, sports media relations, and sports publicity.

Remember that your best bet for entering the world of media and entertainment is through a referral from someone on the inside. Build your network and nurture your contacts. Be involved in the entertainment world as much as you can so that you hear about possible vacancies. Few of these opportunities will ever be advertised because there are so many people looking for a possible break. The more you can immerse yourself in your passion, the more likely you are to succeed.

Some people get lucky and walk into their career immediately, while others have to work hard to get the little success that they achieve. Continue to read daily so that we can keep you inspired and motivated to live your best life!


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