How Billie Eilish feels about being labeled a ‘Rule-Breaker’

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest names in pop music today. She is known for releasing hit songs like “Bury a Friend,” “Bad Guy,” and “Everything I Wanted.”

Since she first became popular, Eilish has received praise for challenging the definition of what it means to be a pop artist. As such, she has been called a “rule-breaker” by fans and music listeners. But how does Eilish really feel about that label? Is it something she would like to be called? Here’s what we know.

Billie Eilish

How did Billie Eilish become famous?

While some artists spend years and years pursuing a career in the music industry, Eilish’s success actually came by accident.

Eilish grew up in a creative household with a mother who is a singer-songwriter as well as a father who is an actor. Eilish and her older brother, Finneas, spent a lot of time developing their talents in the arts.

When Eilish was 13 years old, she and Finneas created a song called “Ocean Guys” for Eilish’s dance teacher. Finneas wrote and produced it while Eilish provided vocals. Eilish uploaded the song to Soundcloud and intended just for her dance teacher to hear, but the track quickly went viral on the internet.

The success of “Ocean Eyes” soon allowed for Eilish to become a huge star. Finneas ended up accompanying her on this journey as well; many of Eilish’s well-known songs were written by Finneas himself.

Billie Eilish is known for being different from other young artists

A part of Eilish’s success seems to be her ability to stand out from the crowd. Many people have taken notice of the fact that Eilish is different from other young artists who have been popular in the past decade.

For example, Eilish’s music is not what one would typically hear on top 40 radio. She is known for her soft, melodic songs which mixes catchy beats with ASMR elements.

Additionally, Eilish’s low-key look has been the topic of many discussions. Unlike young female stars who usually opt for trendy clothes that can be tight and revealing, Eilish often chooses to wear baggy shirts and pants. Eilish has explained that her unique outfit choices are a way to keep herself from being body-shamed.

How Billie Eilish feels about being called a ‘rule-breaker’

Since Eilish is quite different from other stars her age (and in the music industry as a whole), it’s not surprising that many folks have called her a “rule-breaker.” However, Eilish does not completely like to describe herself as such.

In an interview with Vogue in February 2020, she said: “I’m flattered that people think that [I am a rule-breaker], but it’s like, where, though? What rule did I break? The rule about making classic pop music and dressing like a girly girl? I never said I’m not going to do that. I just didn’t do it.”

Two months later, she also said something similar to Dazed, adding that she “was never comparing” herself to fellow female artists in the first place.


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