Dick Pic Study Called Off After Overwhelming Public Response

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The researcher who was seeking 3,600 penis photos said the study’s reliability has been compromised.

  • Missouri State University professor Alicia Walker made news in June for her study about penis size and self esteem.
  • The researcher needed 3,600 participants to complete surveys, measure their genitals, and submit photos to verify size.
  • Now, the research has been canceled because of the public’s reaction, according to the university.

Remember the Missouri State University professor who asked the internet for dick pics to conduct a study about penis size and self-esteem? Well, it looks like her call for submissions was a too successful: The research has been discontinued because of “public reaction,” according to a statement from the university.

Last week, professor Alicia Walker garnered attention after outlets reported she needed 3,600 penis photos for her study. To participate, guys older than 22 simply needed to complete an online survey, measure their manhood, and submit a photo to verify their penis size. Men could also opt to chat with Walker to provide further insight.

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Walker explained she voluntarily stopped the study, despite fully believing in its importance, according to the statement.

“I made this decision voluntarily,” she said. “I continue to believe the relationship between penis size and self-esteem is an important site of scientific inquiry, but the public reaction to the project threatens the reliability of the survey responses.”

In an email to ETInside.com, Walker said the publicity elicited hundreds of emails every day from guys who wanted to participate in the study, making it impossible to keep up.

“My interviews are only useful data if they’re rich and insightful,” she wrote. “That became impossible with me working such long hours, doing so many phone interviews in a day, and trying to juggle so many emails at once.”

Initially, Walker decided to simply cut the optional interview portion of the study. However, some guys emailed admitted they purposefully responded with joke answers or uploading photos of Sponge Bob cartoons instead of their penis. Walker also didn’t receive enough diversity in size to make the study work.

All photos and surveys were stored in a secure database and have been destroyed without being viewed, according to the university.

Although Walker may try the study again at some point, she’s currently moving onto other projects.


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