Trends Stylish Men are Picking up from Women’s Closets

A man who plans his wardrobe and goes out of his way to look good is like a unicorn. You want to believe they exist, but aren’t entirely sure if they do. On the other hand, stylish women are a dime a dozen. However, men are slowly (in their typical fashion) taking cues from the women around them and getting fancier with their closets and smarter in their dressing. Here are some of the men trends we’ve inspired that we are doubtlessly happy about!


In the earlier days, the only thing that would undergo change in a man’s wardrobe was the colour and size of stripes and checks. Today though, look around and you will see brands offering a volley of prints. From paisleys to bandhanis, from ikats to polka dots, from bird motifs to tiger, rose and bee motifs, menswear has undergone a change that we’ve been joyous spectators to.


You might want to call it the renaissance of men’s fashion. There’s something extremely sexy about a man comfortable enough with his masculinity to sport jewelry like a woman. Don’t even get me started on nose pins on a man. They are my new guilty pleasure. But other than that, a man who takes himself seriously enough to buy lapel pins and brooches is one to be celebrated, IMO.

White Sneakers

Hey hey! We know you’re going to say that white sneakers probably came to a men’s wardrobe first. Well, isn’t it a trend we have in common though? Wouldn’t you be inspired to buy a pair if you saw a woman in androgynous clothing, finishing it off with white sneakers? All we ask of you is, kindly keep them clean, white and shiny!


We don’t know how this 90s trends made a comeback as massive as Rajnikanth. However,  we do know that a lot of men followed suit once we documented women street styles stars sporting these. To be specific, sunglasses with massive frames, wide angles and pastel ombre shades are the ones we’re talking about. A perfect infusion of colour, these ones sure do frame a face in the most flaterring manner.


Other than the more obvious ones, there are so many microtrends that are doing the rounds of men’s fashion these days. Ripped and distressed denims that look so badass with all those slashes is one of them. Fur inserts in loafers is another. Hardware detailing in unexpected places such as eyelets, buckles and chains is yet another in shoes, bags and other accessories. Laptop tote bags, or simply tote bags, too seem to be appropriated from women’s fashion. In case you didn’t follow, we aren’t complaining!


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