The Reviews are in and “Roseanne” is worth watching (So Far)


March 27th marked the return of Roseanne to US TV screens and it sounds like the revival has been worth the wait, on the whole.

With the first reviews coming in, the tenth season of the sitcom – which will retcon that controversial swansong – stands at a respectable 78% on Rotten Tomatoes and has received mostly favourable reviews.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest ones below.


“But maybe it’s okay to admit that a group of talented actors and writers – and their fans – just want to revisit the good old days. So is this Roseanne revival necessary? Probably not. But it’s still real nice to have the Conners back.”


“Maybe there’s an audience for the new Roseanne, but it’s not an audience that’s going to keep it on the air long term. Not in an age where the story the show is trying to tell is done so much better on series like Speechless and Atlanta.”


The Hollywood Reporter

“Enough shows are following in its convention-rejecting footsteps that Roseanne almost is left looking like the conventional one. That’s why the ‘I like Roseanne, but I don’t know if I can deal with the Trump stuff’ is such a strange worry. That Roseanne can still make you squirm, just a little, is proof that it’s still Roseanne.”


“Unfortunately, the revived series is a bit rough around the edges. Not in terms of its humor or content, which are remarkably well-adapted for a modern audience, but in terms of its pure execution; it’s undoubtedly quite difficult to return to the rhythms of a sitcom that debuted 29 years ago.”


“In other important ways, Roseanne hasn’t changed at all. It is still funny in the same ways it was always funny, using classic sitcom jokes and storylines to highlight issues of class.”


“With the glorious exception of Gilbert as the still acerbic but now cowered Darlene, most of the cast seem to be speed dialing in their performances. As if this was a Roseanne tribute and not a reunion of the original band, eyelines and attention spans are all over the place as if looking for cue cards.”


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