ETI exclusive: Its official Wendy Williams has filed for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter

Our sources have exclusively told ETI that Hunter vs Hunter was legally filed by Wendy Williams to sever her 22 year marriage to Hunter.

Hunter has long been accused of being unfaithful to Williams. Shortly after she gave  birth to their son, Williams admitted she caught Hunter cheating when she overheard a late night phone call with his mistress.

“I had already had the baby,” she told VLAD TV in 2013. “When you deliver a baby the mother doesn’t get much sleep anyways. Little Kev might have been one month old…and I wasn’t back to work yet.”

She continued: “I overheard some greasy talk from the next room. Well who is he talking to? I tipped and I crept and I heard what I heard. I was like ‘Wow okay, so this is how it’s going down.’ “

Williams said she eventually decided to forgive Hunter and that the experience made their relationship “stronger.”

“I love him and he loves me and we decided to address this head on,” she said. “I don’t regret [deciding to stay with him.]”

Wendy Williams with husband Kevin Hunter and son Kevin Jr.
At the beginning of 2019, Wendy Williams‘ health were the biggest question in Hollywood, and then it became her sobriety; the spotlight is now starting to shift to her husband, Kevin Hunter.
Sources close to The Wendy Williams Show has told ETI that Williams and Hunter had a major fight the week before she took a scheduled hiatus. Our sources tell us that it was heated and on the verge of being violent.
Wendy’s sobriety is just another piece of a very complicated puzzle. When Williams took a hiatus at the end of last year and early this year, she returned to explain that she was getting her illnesses — thyroid disease and Graves disease — in check.
However, she didn’t address the shoulder injury she had before she left for break — or talk about how her slurring on camera which had her fans worried for her. As we now know, this is all the after effects of being in an abusive relationship.
Sources are telling ETI that Hunter’s biggest concern regarding the divorce is that Wendy can control the narrative of the divorce because there is a reason that she is called the Queen of Media. He knows that her show, that he executive produces, is an outlet that she can use to sway public opinion. 
Expect things to get dirty really soon and remember that you heard it here first.

ETI has also exclusively learned that the reason why the public knows about Wendy staying in a sober living house, is because Wendy was in the middle of a power play against her husband that she wanted to be the one to put out the information before her husband had a chance to give his side of the story.

Everything Wendy does from this point, is to get leverage over her husband.

Wendy Williams

Kevin Hunter had a trick up his sleeve as well. The world was surprised to learn that the Wendy Williams Show host was reportedly hospitalized due to a relapse. This information as we were told by a Wendy Williams Show staffer was false. According to our source, Kevin Hunter planted to the story to once again gain the upper hand over Williams.

According to the story that was allegedly planted by Hunter, Wendy Williams, who is 54, was found drunk after checking herself out of the sober living house on Monday and was taken to a hospital to sober up as what was fed to The Daily Mail a British daily middle-market newspaper published in London. 

The HIPAA Privacy Rule creates national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information.

  • It gives patients more control over their health information.
  • It sets boundaries on the use and release of health records.
  • It establishes appropriate safeguards that health care providers and others must achieve to protect the privacy of health information.
  • It holds violators accountable, with civil and criminal penalties that can be imposed if they violate patients’ privacy rights.
  • And it strikes a balance when public responsibility supports disclosure of some forms of data – for example, to protect public health.

The Daily Mail reported that at the hospital, Williams was given a banana bag, which is a bag of IV fluids used as a treatment for vitamin and electrolyte deficiencies in patients with chronic alcohol use.

How is that the Daily Mail was able to obtain this private medical information when Wendy Williams is one of the most private women on TV? Sources say that the only other person who could have legal access to Wendy’s medical information and could have given it to the British company would have been her husband, Kevin Hunter.

The final straw for Williams is when Page Six was first to report that Hunter welcomed a baby with Sharina Hudson last month. Depending where you look, there are different details about the supposed affair, including claims that they’ve been secretly seeing each other for a decade, that he puts Hudson up in a NYC apartment (both claims made by Page Six) as well as this wasn’t her first pregnancy (Radar Online reports Hudson terminated earlier ones).
Now that Williams is on the verge of what is to be a nasty divorce, viewers will be tuning in daily to see how this real life drama will play itself out.
A rep for Wendy Williams has not responded to ETInside’s request for comments about her personal life, but we will update this story if they do.
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