Little Known Fact about Ice Cube, Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice was one of Janet Jackson’s top movies as an actress. Did you know that Ice Cube was originally offered the role of Lucky in the movie Poetic Justice starring Janet Jackson, but refused because he claimed that he was not at the point in his career where he would play in a romantic movie.

Director John Singleton then gave the part to his close friend Tupac Shakur who jumped at the chance to work with Jackson who was the single handed biggest female music star in the world at that time.

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice reached #1 in the box office its opening weekend, grossing $11,728,455. It eventually grossed a total of $27,515,786.

Jackson received nominations for the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, with the Billboard Hot 100 number one song, “Again”.

Shakur and fellow actors Lloyd Avery II and Dedrick Gobert would all meet violent deaths after the release of this film.

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