The ETI NFL POWER RANKINGS: Where all 32 teams stand going into Week 4

Week 3 of the NFL season was the wildest yet, with some massive upsets, controversial penalties, and unfortunate injuries.

The Patriots fell to 1-2 as they stalled out vs. the Lions, the Browns got their first win nearly two years, and the Vikings lost to the … Bills? Meanwhile, Jimmy Garoppolo is out for the year, and the Dolphins lost a top defensive player because he tried to follow the same rules the Green Bay Packers are railing against. What a mess!

As we head into Week 4, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of where things stand in the NFL. So far, perhaps the clearest thing we can see — the Rams and Chiefs are teams to be afraid of this season.

Take a look below at where all 32 teams stand heading into Week 4.

32. Arizona Cardinals

32. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 0-3

Last week: 31st

Week 3 result: Lost to the Bears, 16-14

Week 4 opponent: vs. Seattle Seahawks

One thing to know: The Cardinals are going with rookie quarterback Josh Rosen in Week 4 after Sam Bradford led the team to a 0-3 start to the season.

31. Oakland Raiders

31. Oakland Raiders

Record: 0-3

Last week: 24th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Dolphins, 28-20

Week 4 opponent: vs. Cleveland Browns

One thing to know: For the second straight week, the Raiders led early but couldn’t close out their opponent. Meanwhile, Jon Gruden, for some reason, continues to talk about Khalil Mack.

30. Houston Texans

30. Houston Texans

Record: 0-3

Last week: 22nd

Week 3 result: Lost to the Giants, 27-22

Week 4 opponent: at Indianapolis Colts

One thing to know: One bright spot for the Texans — J.J. Watt finally got going against the Giants, recording his first three sacks of the season.

29. San Francisco 49ers

29. San Francisco 49ers

Record: 1-2

Last week: 11th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Chiefs, 38-27

Week 4 opponent: at Los Angeles Chargers

One thing to know: With Jimmy Garoppolo out with a torn ACL, the 49ers season is all but over, barring some huge move. Will they turn to C.J. Beathard or pursue another QB?

28. Buffalo Bills

28. Buffalo Bills

Record: 1-2

Last week: 32nd

Week 3 result: Beat the Vikings, 27-6

Week 4 opponent: at Green Bay Packers

One thing to know: The Buffalo Bills pulled off the upset of the year against the Vikings on Sunday thanks to solid defense and a promising performance from rookie Josh Allen, but the team still has a long way to go before they’re considered a threat to make the playoffs.

27. New York Jets

27. New York Jets

Record: 1-2

Last week: 27th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Browns, 21-17

Week 4 opponent: at Jacksonville Jaguars

One thing to know: The Jets got caught up in Bakermania in Week 3 and never recovered. Sam Darnold, who was out-played by Mayfield, has thrown 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions since Week 1.

26. New York Giants

26. New York Giants

Record: 1-2

Last week: 30th

Week 3 result: Beat the Texans, 27-22

Week 4 opponent: vs. New Orleans Saints

One thing to know: Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., and Saquon Barkley all played like many imagined they could at the start of the season, and it was enough to get the Giants their first win of the year.

25. Dallas Cowboys

25. Dallas CowboysOtto Greule Jr/Getty

Record: 1-2

Last week: 25th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Seahawks, 24-13

Week 4 opponent: vs. Detroit Lions

One thing to know: Dak Prescott hasn’t thrown for over 200 yards in his last five games. He doesn’t have much help around him, but that’s concerning.

24. Seattle Seahawks

24. Seattle SeahawksOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Record: 1-2

Last week: 23rd

Week 3 result: Beat the Cowboys, 24-13

Week 4 opponent: at Arizona Cardinals

One thing to know: The Seahawks best defender, Earl Thomas, came down with two interceptions on Sunday, but remains in the process of forcing the team to either pay him or trade him, and could wind up on another team as soon as next week.

23. Cleveland Browns

23. Cleveland BrownsJason Miller/Getty Images

Record: 1-1-1

Last week: 28th

Week 3 result: Beat the Jets, 21-17

Week 4 opponent: at Oakland Raiders

One thing to know: The Browns have officially ushered in the Baker Mayfield era. He earned it, but will it leave Tyrod Taylor, who the team insisted was their starter, in an awkward position?

22. Detroit Lions

22. Detroit LionsGregory Shamus/Getty Images

Record: 1-2

Last week: 29th

Week 3 result: Beat the Patriots, 26-10

Week 4 opponent: at Dallas Cowboys

One thing to know: Matt Patricia’s first win as a head coach came against his former boss, making it the first time the Patriots had lost two games in a row since 2015.

21. Indianapolis Colts

21. Indianapolis ColtsRob Carr/Getty

Record: 1-2

Last week: 26th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Eagles, 20-16

Week 4 opponent: vs. Houston Texans

One thing to know: The Colts pulled Andrew Luck and put in Jacoby Brissett for a last-second Hail Mary attempt in Week 3. They insisted it had nothing to do with Luck’s shoulder, but if Luck can’t get the ball to the end zone, should he be playing?

20. Tennessee Titans

20. Tennessee TitansJulio Aguilar/Getty Images

Record: 2-1

Last week: 21st

Week 3 result: Beat the Jaguars, 9-6

Week 4 opponent: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

One thing to know: The Titans grinded out an ugly win over the Jaguars, but are still dealing with quarterback health issues with regard to both Marcus Mariota and Blaine Gabbert.

19. Denver Broncos

19. Denver BroncosScott Taetsch/Getty Images

Record: 2-1

Last week: 14th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Ravens, 27-14

Week 4 opponent: vs. Kansas City Chiefs

One thing to know: Penalties killed the Broncos on Sunday, with 13 flags for 120 yards and unknown points left off the board in the process.

18. Los Angeles Chargers

18. Los Angeles ChargersTim Warner/Getty

Record: 1-2

Last week: 15th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Rams, 35-23

Week 4 opponent: vs. San Francisco 49ers

One thing to know: After struggling to slow down a dynamic Rams offense, the Chargers may be looking forward to the return of Joey Bosa, who is expected back from a foot injury in early October.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers

17. Pittsburgh SteelersJoe Robbins/Getty

Record: 1-1-1

Last week: 16th

Week 3 result: Beat the Buccaneers, 30-27

Week 4 opponent: vs. Baltimore Ravens

One thing to know: The Steelers got their first win of the season in Week 3, insisting they put the off-field drama behind them. Is trading Le’Veon Bell now the last step to moving forward?

16. Green Bay Packers

16. Green Bay PackersRob Carr/Getty Images

Record: 1-1-1

Last week: 7th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Redskins, 31-17

Week 4 opponent: vs. Buffalo Bills

One thing to know: Aaron Rodgers may be listed as healthy enough to play on game days, but watching him, it’s tough not to think he’s still a bit hindered by his injury suffered back in Week 1 against the Bears.

15. Cincinnati Bengals

15. Cincinnati BengalsDustin Bradford/Getty

Record: 2-1

Last week: 17th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Panthers, 31-21

Week 4 opponent: at Atlanta Falcons

One thing to know: The Bengals started out hot, but injuries and a tough schedule ahead could decide the season. Over their next six games, they play the Falcons, Dolphins, Steelers, Chiefs, Bucs, and Saints.

14. Baltimore Ravens

14. Baltimore RavensJoe Robbins/Getty Images

Record: 2-1

Last week: 19th

Week 3 result: Beat the Broncos, 27-14

Week 4 opponent: at Pittsburgh Steelers

One thing to know: Ravens kicker Justin Tucker continues to be an unmatched advantage on special teams, hitting a pair of 52-yard field goals in the first half for Baltimore — dating back to 2015, he’s made 18 of 20 attempts from 50+ yards.

13. Washington Redskins

13. Washington RedskinsChristian Petersen/Getty

Record: 2-1

Last week: 20th

Week 3 result: Beat the Packers, 31-17

Week 4 opponent: Bye

One thing to know: Adrian Peterson has been a solid late-offseason pickup for the Redskins. In three games, he’s posted 236 yards, 4.2 yards per carry, and 3 touchdowns.

12. Chicago Bears

12. Chicago BearsJennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Record: 2-1

Last week: 12th

Week 3 result: Beat the Cardinals, 16-14

Week 4 opponent: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One thing to know: Khalil Mack continues to be the most dominant defensive force in the NFL, and on Sunday became the first player to record a sack and a forced fumble in three straight games since… Khalil Mack in 2016.

11. Miami Dolphins

11. Miami DolphinsMark Brown/Getty

Record: 3-0

Last week: 18th

Week 3 result: Beat the Raiders, 28-20

Week 4 opponent: at New England Patriots

One thing to know: The Dolphins haven’t had the toughest schedule, but undefeated is undefeated. Week 4 presents an interesting matchup between them and the struggling Patriots.

10. Atlanta Falcons

10. Atlanta FalconsDaniel Shirey/Getty Images

Record: 1-2

Last week: 8th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Saints, 43-37 (OT)

Week 4 opponent: vs. Cincinnati Bengals

One thing to know: Calvin Ridley emerged as a huge offensive weapon for the Falcons on Sunday, going off for 146 receiving yards and three touchdowns — grab him in your fantasy leagues if you still can.

9. New England Patriots

9. New England PatriotsRey Del Rio/Getty

Record: 1-2

Last week: 6th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Lions, 26-10

Week 4 opponent: vs. Miami Dolphins

One thing to know: The Patriots’ lack of elite skill players has shown during the first three weeks. The team looks slow and short-handed at times. Asking Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon to fix these problems on offense is asking a lot.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrian Blanco/Getty Images

Record: 2-1

Last week: 9th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Steelers, 30-27

Week 4 opponent: at Chicago Bears

One thing to know: With his suspension over, Jameis Winston is now free to return to the team, but after Ryan Fitzpatrick became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for more than 400 yards in three straight games, it’s not clear whether he’ll get his job back.

7. New Orleans Saints

7. New Orleans SaintsDaniel Shirey/Getty Images

Record: 2-1

Last week: 13th

Week 3 result: Beat the Falcons, 43-37 (OT)

Week 4 opponent: at New York Giants

One thing to know: Drew Brees became the all-time NFL leader in completions on Sunday, passing Brett Favre for the top spot on the list.

6. Carolina Panthers

6. Carolina PanthersStreeter Lecka/Getty

Record: 2-1

Last week: 10th

Week 3 result: Beat the Bengals, 31-21

Week 4 opponent: Bye

One thing to know: The Panthers wanted Cam Newton to be more accurate, and so far it’s working. Newton is completing 67% of his passes so far, what would be a career-high by a mile.

5. Minnesota Vikings

5. Minnesota VikingsAdam Bettcher/Getty

Record: 1-1-1

Last week: 3rd

Week 3 result: Lost to the Bills, 27-6

Week 4 opponent: at Los Angeles Rams

One thing to know: Was the Vikings’ blowout loss at the hand of the lowly Bills a troubling sign or a total fluke? We’re guessing the latter. Buckle up for a barn-burner between the Vikes and the NFC-leading Rams, this Thursday.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

4. Jacksonville JaguarsWesley Hitt/Getty Images

Record: 2-1

Last week: 4th

Week 3 result: Lost to the Titans, 9-6

Week 4 opponent: vs. New York Jets

One thing to know: The Jaguars have now lost five of their last six games to the Titans — remember this next time you’re betting this division rivalry.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

3. Philadelphia EaglesMitchell Leff/Getty

Record: 2-1

Last week: 5th

Week 3 result: Beat the Colts, 20-16

Week 4 opponent: at Tennessee Titans

One thing to know: Philly is tied for 22nd in points scored this season. Carson Wentz needs to get back into rhythm, and they’re missing some key players, but through preseason and three regular season games, there’s reason to be concerned about the Eagles’ offense.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

2. Kansas City ChiefsDavid Eulitt/Getty Images

Record: 3-0

Last week: 2nd

Week 3 result: Beat the 49ers, 38-27

Week 4 opponent: at Denver Broncos

One thing to know: With an NFL record 13 touchdown throws through the first three games of the season, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs offense is setting the football world on fire.

1. Los Angeles Rams

1. Los Angeles RamsHarry How/Getty

Record: 3-0

Last week: 1st

Week 3 result: Beat the Chargers, 35-23

Week 4 opponent: vs. Minnesota Vikings

One thing to know: According to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, the Rams have gone three-and-out just 6% of the time, by far the best measure in the league. That this team has also given up the fewest points in the league is unfair.


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